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Accessibility in PowerPoint

Powerpoint’s accessibility checker works in a very similar way to Word. You can find out more about how this works in the Making Documents Accessible course.

Things to bear in mind when creating presentations



Use a sans serif font like Arial, Calibri, Tahoma. Especially for presentations as users will not be able to change the font if it doesn’t suit them.

Order content on your slides in the correct reading order so screen-readers know how to read it to the user

Add Alternative Text (descriptions) to images and visual content

Make use of the captioning tool to provide subtitles as a substitute for content such as video and audio

Use the built-in features such as the design templates, headings and lists

Make good use of colour contrasts so information is easy to read.

Put large amounts of information into images alone

Rely on colour alone to present information. People who are colour blind need another way to see information

More detailed guidance on making PowerPoint documents accessible is available on the Microsoft website – Make your PowerPoint  documents accessible to people with disabilities