Argyll and Bute Employee Recognition Programme

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AB Recognition 

AB Recognition is our new approach to recognising the fantastic contribution council employees make. Employees nominated for recognition, either by their colleagues, managers or members of the public, will receive a note of recognition from their Executive Director and be highlighted in Cascade each quarter. There will also be an annual Cascade special edition with a focus on AB Recognition nominations from across the year. HSCP council employees are included within AB Recognition and a HSCP category has been added to the internal nomination form with effect from 1 May 2024.

Please email us if you need any further guidance before you make a nomination:

Thinking about making a nomination?  

Anyone can nominate an employee or team by completing an on-line nomination form.   

Nomination details should be as accurate as possible and include relevant information that highlights the contribution made by the employee or team – not just the tasks they do but also what their contribution or impact has been. 

Team nominations can be for cross-departmental teams that have worked together on a joint project or task.   

The following information will help you complete your nomination form and align it to the Council’s vision and values. 

Nomination Criteria  

Individual Employee Category    

“For the outstanding achievement of work and commitment to their team and the organisation.” 

Employees who have:   

  • demonstrated a consistently high quality of work   
  • actively participated in solving complex issues   
  • demonstrated that they are future focused and have made suggestions to improve the way we do our work    
  • shown the ability for further professional development   
  • shown commitment in following the Council’s Connect for Success principles to deliver our priorities   

Team Category    

“For the expertise and outstanding accomplishment in the organisation.” 

Teams whose members have:   

  • demonstrated knowledge and skills to achieve great results with their work   
  • made a significant contribution towards solving challenges faced by the Council   
  • had an impact in completing a complex project and/or mastered new areas of work or have excelled themselves in new positions   
  • delivered agreed priorities through one of the Council’s Connect for Success principles   
  • shown commitment in following the Council’s Connect for Success principles to deliver our priorities   

Please note that nominations do not have to meet all the criteria but must meet at least one. 

Vision and Values  

AB Recognition is a great opportunity to show how people are putting the Council’s vision and values into their everyday work practice so it’s worth taking time to review the vision and values when making a nomination: 


Creative; we are responsive to our citizens and our environment and we embrace change to ensure we continually deliver the best results for our area. 

Caring; we care about our citizens, partners and each other. We treat everyone with dignity and respect and are accountable for what we do. We listen to our communities. When things go wrong we take action to put it right. 

Collaborative; we know that when we work together we can achieve the best for our area. We are open, honest and transparent in our communication. We involve and work with communities, each other and our partners where possible to share knowledge, resources and assets. 

Committed; ours is a Council that is committed to putting values at the heart of our efforts to make a positive difference every day to people’s lives. We take pride in our responsibility to provide a safe working environment and to make available appropriate opportunities for professional development and growth for all employees. 

AB Recognition Internal Nomination Form    

The questions asked in the on-line internal nomination form, which gives you a guide to the information you will need, are a: 

  1. Who would you like to nominate? 
  2. What service(s) do they work in?   
  3. Why are you nominating this individual or team?Please describe the nature and significance of their achievements and how they relate to the Council’s vision, values and goals. (Please see nomination guidance above to help complete this section) 
  4. What is your name? 
  5. What is your job title? 
  6. What service(s) do you work in?