Image shows the Ukrainian flag - blue horizontal band on top with a yellow band below

Argyll and Bute show support for Ukraine

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is deeply distressing and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people during this dark time. I’m sure like so many people, as we watch the events unfold, we want to do everything we can to help.

In these darkest times, I’ve been so impressed by efforts across Argyll and Bute to support the Ukrainian people. Communities are coming together to offer essential help. From donating clothes and vital supplies to arranging transport to Europe and schools fundraising. So many people are doing all that they can to help. 

Councillor Robin Currie has expressed his gratitude to Argyll and Bute communities. You can read more on the council website.

At the council, we will do everything we can to offer support where required in these desperate circumstances. Soon you will see Ukrainian flags flying from council offices to show our solidarity during this crisis.

Scottish Apprenticeship Week
All this week we are celebrating Scottish Apprenticeship Week (7th-11th March).

Providing Argyll and Bute’s next generation with career opportunities and access to training is incredibly important to the long term economic success of the area. I’m proud that we continue to offer opportunities to young people here in the Council.

Join me for my podcast this week and meet five of our current/former modern apprentices. I’m chatting with Cameron Allen, Cameron Bonnar, Cameron McCallum, Tom McLaughlin and Mitchell Robertson about their experiences of working and learning with the council.

Also joining me are Rebecca Guy and Fiona McBride who talk about the different avenues that young people can access apprenticeship programmes, and Bob Millar who describes the benefits of supervising apprentices. You can read more about our apprentices on MyCouncilWorks.

Covid update
We are seeing a rise in positive cases across Argyll and Bute. It’s a reminder that we continue to live with the risk of infection. We need to do everything we can to keep ourselves and the people around us safe. Please continue to follow national guidance including the rules on self-isolation

Enjoy your weekend and stay safe.