Arrangements for reporting absent during Christmas and New Year

The absence line will close on 23 December 2022 at 4pm and will not reopen until 8am on 4 January 2023.  Alternative arrangements for reporting absent will apply during this period.

Employee responsibilities

If you are due to be on duty but need to report absent during this period, please call your line manager or work location direct. This ensures that we can record your absence and arrange any necessary cover for your work. Your line manager will then inform the absence line when it reopens.

Line manager responsibilities

If you have an employee who was due to be on duty and reports their absence to you, please note their employee number, name, first/last day of absence and reason for this absence. Contact the absence line on 01546 605513 (option 1) when the line reopens.  Alternatively, you can email the details to and this will be entered into the system.

HR Service Centre Team

December 2022

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