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Be a great visitor

From today, there is a further lifting of restrictions. We can now travel for day trips across Scotland and can also meet up to 6 people from up to 6 households outdoors.

I’m sure this is welcome news to many of you who can now meet up with friends and family. The advice is still to follow guidance and don’t stay overnight.

After a year of tight restrictions, I’m sure we’re all ready for a change of scene and more than ready to catch up with people we haven’t seen for a long time.

We continue to move in the right direction so please keep safe and follow the FACTS as ever.

Staycation in Argyll and Bute
With the easing of travel restrictions and international travel bans still in place, we are expecting an increase in visitors this year.

Tourism is vital to the local economy and whilst we welcome visitors back, we also want to encourage responsible behaviour.

It’s a tricky balancing act making sure we promote Argyll and Bute as a fantastic place to visit whilst looking after our communities and everything that makes the area so special.

We have issued a statement today asking people to ‘Be a great visitor’ and plan ahead before they visit the area.

Our Modern Workspace

I mentioned last week that covid-safe measures such as physical distancing, and budget decisions that will see us eventually using fewer council buildings, mean that we will have to find new ways of sharing and using office space.

We want to develop long term working arrangements that benefit us all in some way.

It would be great therefore if you could be thinking please about your experience of working through lockdown, what you like about homeworking or don’t, and longer term arrangements.

The Our Modern Workforce group is developing a survey about this, so that your experiences will shape our new ways of working, and this will be coming to you over the next few weeks. We’ll appreciate hearing from as many people as possible.

This week I’m joined by Catherine Topley, Chief Executive of Scottish Canals for a fascinating chat about the history of the canal in Argyll and Bute and recent investments in its future. All my podcasts are available on the website.

Have a lovely weekend.