Barcaldine Primary School pupils pictured with a yellow piece of card on the ground with leaves on. Also pictured is magnifying glasses they use to identify mini-beasts

Beyond COP26, towards a climate friendly Argyll and Bute

Welcome back and Happy New Year. I hope you all had a lovely festive break.

Images shows a female pupil with a magnifier glass looking for mini beasts on leavesIt seems like a long time ago that world leaders arrived in Scotland for COP26. Long before this global conference, we had already committed to meeting Scotland’s target of achieving ‘net zero’ by 2045. Services across the Council continue to work hard to reduce carbon emissions as we aim for a climate friendly Argyll and Bute.

The week before COP26, we held our first ever online Education Climate Summit. As we embark on a New Year, my first podcast of 2022 focuses on our younger generations who are already making a difference tackling climate change. Joining me are pupils James, Orion, Eva and Michael from Barcaldine Primary School along with Head Teacher Julie Watson and Linda MacBeath, Head Teacher of Rhu Primary and Education Climate Summit Convener. A male pupil is pictured crouching next to a composter as he learns about the soil cycle.

Find out more about what they’re doing to help the environment including building frog and hedgehog homes, bee walks and butterfly gardens. I also get some top tips on paddle boarding!

I’ll end with a quote from one of the inspiring youngsters – “Climate Change is Mother Nature saying stop, you’re going to kill yourselves.” A powerful reminder for us all to do our bit.

You can listen to my podcast via the website.




 Working from home

Our position remains the same, if you can work from home, please continue to do so. National guidance may change in time about returning to offices. However, as many of you have told us you are happy to work from home with some access to the office, we are working towards adopting a hybrid working policy. 

We understand that things change. We have been working from home for nearly two years and a lot can change during that time. If your circumstances have changed or if you are struggling, it’s ok to have a conversation with your line manager about working from an office. We can help with this.

If you are coming into an office, please make sure you follow guidance and inform your line manager in the first instance who can then contact the premises manager.




Graphic of a person standing in a house with the words - Changes to the self-isolation rules in Scotland


Keeping safe
A reminder that the rules on self-isolation and testing have changed. Read the latest Scottish Government guidance.







Have a lovely weekend.