Blue-sky thinking


Blue-sky thinking describes:

  • The activity of trying to find completely new ideas.
  • A way to generate creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs.

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The tool

Blue-sky thinking isn’t a tool. Rather, it’s a way of focussing your thoughts so you come up with ideas about how something would look if it were the best it could be. What, in a perfect world, would your product or process look like?

Once you have a vision, you can start coming up with ideas as to how you might achieve it…or come as close to achieving it as possible.

Why use it

When to use it

How to use it

When you are blue-sky thinking, you should dare to dream. At this stage, don’t think about obstacles or barriers which would prevent you from achieving that dream. If you think about barriers and obstacles too early, you will abandon your change project instead of trying to work out how to overcome them.

There will be plenty of time for you think about barriers and obstacles later, when you start developing your change project and putting together your proposals.



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