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Bureaucracy, collaboration, communication and keeping motivated

These are tough times to be in local government. Today was a reminder that we can all be each other’s greatest source of support in dealing with day-to-day and longer term work challenges.

Today senior managers from all services came together to consider how to improve key issues raised by employees in different ways.  Thank you to everyone who attended for your contribution.

We are already making progress with points raised previously. For example, difficulty in recruiting – as housing is an issue, Executive Director Kirsty Flanagan is leading a group focused on addressing that. Working in silos – the on-going roll-out of MS365 will help us link and work together. Reducing work done on council plans – if you’re producing a new strategy, bring a one page outline to ELT (Executive Leadership Team) first, wherever possible one page will be enough. 

What do you think?

Today we developed discussions on the topics below. If you were not there today, and have views on any of them, I would welcome hearing from you at workingtogether@argyll-bute.gov.uk I will update you on what comes from it.

  • Bureaucracy: how can we make it easier to get decisions made, reduce processes and any other steps to reducing bureaucracy?
  • Collaboration: what, in addition to MS365 technology, would make it easier to work together as cross-service teams?
  • Communication with customers and colleagues: we all spend time on this, what are the obstacles, what would make it easier, and more effective?
  • Keeping motivated and supported: we continue to deliver services and achieve successes of all different kinds; this is not though an easy time to be in local government – how can we support each other and our teams?

Today, I’ve heard open conversation, seen people enjoying speaking with their colleagues, and heard great ideas for addressing problems we all share.

Together we are an amazing team for Argyll and Bute.  So especially when things are difficult, please keep speaking to each other about how you’re feeling, about work, about anything that matters – we can be each other’s greatest source of support.

This week’s podcast

2022 has been a particularly bad year for Avian Flu. I had a chat recently with Alan Morrison (Regulatory Services and Building Standards Manager) and David Kerr (Senior Animal Health and Welfare Officer) about how everyone can help to limit the spread of the virus. This is particularly important with prevention measures declared nationally again this week. You can read more on our website.

And finally

Dunoon Grammar School – the World’s Best School for Community Collaboration! What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations go to everyone involved. It’s something to be extremely proud of, very well done.


Pippa Milne
Chief Executive