Creating Accessible Excel Sheets

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Create accessible tables from data sets Tables can help you identify a set of data by name, or apply a more polished format that makes that data stand out. By carefully naming and formatting your table you can be sure that everyone can understand your data. This includes those with low vision or users of […]

Accessibility in PowerPoint

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Powerpoint’s accessibility checker works in a very similar way to Word. You can find out more about how this works in the Making Documents Accessible course. Things to bear in mind when creating presentations DO DO NOT Use a sans serif font like Arial, Calibri, Tahoma. Especially for presentations as users will not be able […]

How to Make Accessible Documents

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The simplest way to make documents accessible is to use the source document (i.e. Word format rather than the file converted to PDF). It is also worth bearing in mind accessibility when designing and writing documents from the very beginning. It is a lot easier to fix any issues at the end stage if things […]