CEX update – election information

A polling station sign rests against a wall

Last week, as the Returning Officer for Argyll and Bute, I arranged for the Notice of Election to be published. You can find the Notice on the council website. A reminder that we are now in a pre-election period and there are requirements and restrictions for council staff during this time. For information and advice, […]

CEX update – your feedback matters

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I always enjoy talking with people about their route to working in local government. Taking a page out of my own book, I took part in a SOLACE podcast recently where I talk about my own background from trainee Trading Standards Officer to Chief Executive. During the chat, I talk about important lessons from Covid […]

CEX update – looking after yourself

A polling station sign rests against a wall

With a UK General Election announced for 4 July, I have been asked what this means for the work of the council. It means that our Election Team will swing into action to make all the arrangements needed for an election to happen. This is everything from preparing polling stations and training staff, to issuing […]

CEX Update – credit for jobs well done

A red circled stamp with the words Well Done in the centre

Everyone likes and deserves to get credit and recognition for a job well done. And there’s a lot of great work being done across this council. Sometimes in large scale, obvious ways, and sometimes in individual actions that might go unnoticed, employees are making a difference that matters to each other’s working lives and to […]

CEX update – explore Argyll and Bute

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  As you may know, a special meeting of Argyll and Bute Council was held yesterday. As a result, Councillor Douglas Philand replaces Councillor Maurice Corry as Provost and Councillor Jim Lynch replaces Councillor Robin Currie as Leader of Argyll and Bute Council. You can read our statement on the council website. Full council will […]

CEX Update: service-saving budget set

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Councillors today set the council’s budget for next year. Its focus is on saving council services. The council faced a £10 million budget gap for running services, and a gap of nearly £30 million pounds in the capital budget for infrastructure. After years of making multi-million pound savings, and given the demands for council support, […]

CEX Update – working together

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With the focus on budget limitations that this time of year especially brings, it can be easy to lose sight of the great and often amazing work that goes on across the council. Yesterday’s Policy and Resources Committee highlighted why councils are so crucial in the lives of their communities. Housing support, addressing climate change, […]

CEX update – getting decisions right

white cut out letters hanging from strings spelling out Budget

Budget planning work continues, as the council prepares to set its budget on 22nd February. Reports outlining the council’s budget position, and possible measures to bridge gaps in our budgets for running services (revenue budget) and for infrastructure (capital budget) will be discussed at next week’s Policy and Resources Committee. You can read them on […]

CEX update – making a difference

Loch Long

You do a job that matters. You make a difference to people’s lives. And while there are obviously challenges to meet, our communities will go on needing their council and the services we provide together. As we start a new year, it’s important to remember that. It’s important to focus not only on the issues […]

CEX update – Happy Christmas

Highland Cow by Anita Goldie

You may have seen that the Scottish Government announced their budget this week. COSLA has received the budget settlement and have issued a statement. You can read this on their website. We don’t know what the implications are for Argyll and Bute yet. We’ll issue more details in the New Year. It’s been an incredibly […]