Planning a plan?

Oban Marina by Donald Melville

Planning a plan? I want to cut down on paperwork, bureaucracy and avoidable obstacles, to create more time for us all to get our jobs done. As part of that, I’d like to reduce the number of strategies and plans produced across the council. If you are going to be developing a new strategy or […]

Next steps and well done to …

I’ve had a lot of open, honest feedback about what gets in the way of you doing your job, and also good ideas about what could help us all meet the challenges ahead. Thank you for all of it. I am using this information to develop in more detail supportive, effective ways of working, based […]

Getting the credit you deserve

Getting people credit for the efforts they go to, and the difference they make for others, is something I feel strongly about, so I’m really looking forward to opening the Argyll TSI (Third Sector Interface) Volunteer of the Year Awards 2022 tomorrow. This council is fortunate to have so many employees who make tremendous efforts […]

What gets in the way of you doing your job?

Image shows a yacht on the Crinan canal

What gets in the way of you doing your job? That’s one of the questions I’ve been taking into account when I’ve been exploring how different ways of working together could help us meet the financial and other challenges we know are coming in the years ahead. Bureaucracy, working in silos, too many emails – […]

Our next steps

We now know who our councillors are for this new council term, following council elections last week. You can see our newly elected members on our website. Discussions are happening now among their different political parties to decide who will be in the Administration and who in the Opposition. Our next steps Every new council […]

Live from Lochgilphead

Image shows Pippa Milne, Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council behind a lectern at the election count

I’m sending this from Lochgilphead Joint Campus as we work to verify and count votes in the election for councillors for Argyll and Bute.  It’s an exciting time and we will share results with you on our corporate Twitter page, and on our website. There’s no podcast this week as I’ve been busy with my […]

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung We’ve been enjoying some beautiful weather over the last week and it finally feels like spring has sprung. Lambs are being born, daffodils are blooming, and Easter eggs are everywhere, although in fairness I think Easter eggs have been on supermarket shelves since at least Boxing Day. I do love this time […]

Census and elections

Images shows a lady wearing a pink fleece out walking with the words If I can influence healthcare then I'm filling it in

Scotland’s Census Have you completed your census questionnaire yet? This Sunday is Scotland’s Census Day but you can complete your form as soon as you receive your letter. I completed mine online and it was a straightforward process. Not only is it a legal requirement to complete the census questionnaire, it’s really important because the […]

Argyll and Bute show support for Ukraine

Image shows the Ukrainian flag - blue horizontal band on top with a yellow band below

The ongoing situation in Ukraine is deeply distressing and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian people during this dark time. I’m sure like so many people, as we watch the events unfold, we want to do everything we can to help. In these darkest times, I’ve been so impressed by efforts across Argyll and Bute […]

International Women’s Day

Monday is International Women’s Day – a day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic and political achievements of women around the world.We are 100% committed to gender equality and I’m extremely proud to say that 60% of the senior leadership team at the Council are women. I’m honoured to work alongside so many strong, successful […]