Corporate Communications Team

Hello, we are here to help you: promote the work that you do to people who need to know about it get the credit you deserve by publicising successes and progress promote information and get answers to questions employees may have about council initiatives advise on how to communicate projects and initiatives manage the design […]

Lessons learned from consultations

As a council, we regularly consult our citizens on statutory and non-statutory activities and have learned some useful lessons that will help you ensure your consultation is effective. Tips in brief People are busy. There are lots of demands on their time and on their attention. To motivate people to respond, your consultation must: Be […]

Our vision and you

Our vision is that Argyll and Bute’s economic success is built on a growing population ie we need to attract more people and jobs to the area. Why? Argyll and Bute has been recognised as one of Scotland’s most promising regions. Our landscape and natural resources bring huge opportunities for economic growth that would benefit […]

Guide to great presentations

In any presentation you will be talking to a varied audience who will only have partial knowledge of the issues you are presenting. So it’s important to design slides that are clear and easily read by all members of the audience. The ideal slide is one in which the message can be understood in five […]

Be Understood

Many of us work to involve our colleagues, and members of the public, in the decisions of the council. Working with our employees and communities, in delivering change where needed, is a priority for the council. Whether it’s through on-line consultations, face-to-face meetings or through the council’s citizens panel, we want to make sure we […]

Getting results

Getting some basics right will help you get a good level of response to your engagement exercise. Showing people that the council puts the time they take to answer a consultation to good use is also key in encouraging people to continue answering council engagement exercises. Here you will find information on steps you can/must […]