What our employees say


As an organisation, we have provided a number of opportunities for young people to join the organisation, for our employees to develop and have great examples where we have grown our own workforce in the past. If you have an example/case study you would be willing to share, please contact traingcentre@argyll-bute.gov.uk Here are some examples of […]

School engagement

School supplies

Argyll and Bute Council has a role to play in guiding young people in their future careers. Getting involved in school engagement is an opportunity to promote the careers and opportunities available within Argyll and Bute Council to young people as they contemplate their career aspirations and future. As an employer we have agreed to […]

Student sponsorship

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The student sponsorship scheme is a tool which can be utilised by managers to attract qualified graduates into the organisation by sponsoring current students during their studies and in return they agree to work for the organisation for an agreed period of time. The scheme can be found below which outlines the process and the […]

Summer students

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Argyll and Bute Council supports the employment of summer students. A summer student can be employed for a period of time over the summer to help with key projects or pieces of work. This can provide the opportunity to help support teams to progress work, add to a potential pool of candidates for the future, […]

Work Placements

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Offering work placements provides the opportunity for someone to gain exposure to the world of work. This can provide valuable experience which they can use to gain employment or further education and provide insight into what it is like to work within a profession. Work experience placements provide us as an employer the opportunity to […]

Modern Apprentices

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Modern Apprentices are a great way for services to offer an opportunity for a young person to gain a qualification and work experience which will provide them with transferable skills which they can use throughout their career. Linked to workforce planning it is a good opportunity for succession planning to grow a workforce for the […]


Online Education

Linked to workforce planning, trainees offer an opportunity to bring in a new employee and provide them with training and experience which will enable them to undertake the role in the future. It can be a particularly good tool when struggling to recruit. We are currently in the process of updating our trainee scheme. For […]

Employee Development

Learning and skills

A key part of Growing Our Own is to ensure that we provide development opportunities for our current workforce to ensure we have a skilled workforce both now and in the future. Argyll and Bute Council offers a variety of opportunities for all employees to access learning which will help them throughout their career. Leading in Argyll and […]