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Census and elections

Scotland’s Census

Have you completed your census questionnaire yet? This Sunday is Scotland’s Census Day but you can complete your form as soon as you receive your letter. I completed mine online and it was a straightforward process. Not only is it a legal requirement to complete the census questionnaire, it’s really important because the data collected provides a snapshot of Scotland, and helps the Scottish Government to make decisions based on this. You can find out more information about on the Scotland’s Census website.

Elections podcast

For many people, an election is just about turning up at the polling station on Election Day to cast a vote, or marking a ballot paper to put in the post. Many people are completely unaware of just how much work goes on behind the scenes to ensure the process goes smoothly. With the local Council elections fast approaching, I caught up with Tricia O’Neill, Sandra Campbell and Melissa Stewart from our elections team to talk about just how much work goes into organising elections in Argyll and Bute and the logistics of bringing all the votes to a central location for counting, while ensuring that all legal requirements and timescales are met. You can listen to my podcast on the Council website.

Making life easier with Teams

You should all now have access to Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. I’ve been using Teams for a while now and it really has changed the way I work. Not only does it reduce the volume of emails, it speeds up decision making and allows far better joined up working on shared documents and reports. Like with any new tool, it takes a while to fully appreciate what it can do to make working life easier. It’s going to take time for everyone to get used to all the functions available. With this in mind, ICT and HROD are working together to roll out a training programme. Look out for more details soon. For now, you can find lots of help and advice on MyCouncilWorks.

Have a lovely weekend.