Small change, big difference

CEX update – budget, data and better journeys

We all use and produce information of different kinds to deliver our day-to-day services. As you may know, our Data Advisory Group is looking at how the council could put this data to more use in helping us work effectively. Look out for details coming soon about training in making data work for you.

Many of us of course are already using data to do more of what works. Digital analytics tell us for example that our social media channels are increasingly the route for taking people to pages on the website. So if you have information on the website you need people to know about, get in touch with the Communications Team.

Not surprisingly given the weather, advice about travelling safely has been in demand recently so in case of use, please find here a popular page for checking travel conditions – Road Cameras | Argyll and Bute Council (

Budget planning

My update on budget planning is brief today – work is still going on nationally to consider choices available to councils, and locally of course councillors and officers continue to identify options for balancing the budget for this council. Increasingly for example councils are raising the prospect of having to increase council tax to balance budgets, despite the Scottish Government announcement of a council tax freeze.  The Administration of this council issued a press release this week saying that they are considering a council tax increase of 10%.

And council Leaders continue to come together through CoSLA about points for discussion about local government with national government.

Better journeys

Did you know that around 60% of the journeys we take, between one and two miles, are by car? We are all being encouraged, where we can and when we can, to use a different way of travel and help your health, purse and planet. You’ll be hearing more about council’s Better Journeys campaign over the next few months. I am pleased to introduce it to you here.

Have a good weekend, and as always, if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me at