A red circled stamp with the words Well Done in the centre

CEX Update – credit for jobs well done

Everyone likes and deserves to get credit and recognition for a job well done. And there’s a lot of great work being done across this council.

Sometimes in large scale, obvious ways, and sometimes in individual actions that might go unnoticed, employees are making a difference that matters to each other’s working lives and to community life in Argyll and Bute.

AB Recognition, and the COSLA awards, are two options for recognising effort and success on high profile projects and on more personal levels.

AB Recognition is the council’s new approach to making it as easy as possible for you to get recognition for the efforts you go to and the difference you make.

From this Monday 15, nomination forms will be available on the staff website for employees to nominate individual colleagues or council teams for recognition. Please find out more about it, and consider who you would like to nominate.

The COSLA excellence awards are now open for entries in five different categories. Services of this council have had success before at these awards. And given the sometimes unique challenges we face here successfully in Argyll and Bute, you deserve more recognition at national level. Managers have been asked, via the SLF channel in Teams, to put forward proposals for award entries. Don’t be modest! Please take time to consider entering.

Council meetings

I have been asked why there are more full Council meetings than usual, and what happens next with the new Administration.

On Monday there is a special meeting of the Council to re-consider a council tax freeze for Argyll and Bute this year, 2024/25. This has come about because additional Scottish Government funding became available for Argyll and Bute after the Council set its budget in February. This funding means that the Council can now consider freezing council tax while also saving services from budget cuts.

On 25 April, the meeting of the full Council will take place as part of the normal schedule of meetings, and will include an agenda item on Political Management Arrangements. This is when new Policy Leads, Area Committee Chairs and other councillor appointments will be decided, following the change in Provost and Leader of the Council on 4 April.

I will update you again and as always, you are welcome to get in touch with any questions at workingtogether@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Wishing you a great weekend,


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive