CEX update – getting decisions right

Budget planning work continues, as the council prepares to set its budget on 22nd February. Reports outlining the council’s budget position, and possible measures to bridge gaps in our budgets for running services (revenue budget) and for infrastructure (capital budget) will be discussed at next week’s Policy and Resources Committee. You can read them on the website. Nationally discussions continue with the Scottish Government, through CoSLA, about funding for councils.

I will update you again next week and if you have any questions please do let me know by getting in touch at workingtogether@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Getting the right decisions made

Putting reports to council committees is a key part of the council’s decision-making process.

As our services run through all aspects of our communities’ lives, council decisions affect many people. The ‘implications’ section of the template for committee reports is there to help get decisions right by highlighting consequences of decisions. It now includes ‘The Rights of the Child’.

If you write committee reports, you can find the new report template here Committee Report Template | The Hub (argyll-bute.gov.uk)

There’s also a guidance note if of use here Committee report writing and attending committees | The Hub (argyll-bute.gov.uk)

Making technology work for you

Using technology to make it easier for us to get work done is part of our Connect for Success programme.

We want to make sure that you benefit from opportunities available so would ask you please, if you haven’t already, to fill in this skills survey so we know what you need  – Microsoft 365 and digital skills survey – My Council Works

And finally

Thanks to everyone who is sending in photos for us to use in promoting Argyll and Bute as a great place to live, work and invest. We have some great photographers among us! Kerry Gillespie’s happy photo from her visit to Islay is proving popular and will hopefully give you a smile to end the week.

Wishing you all a good weekend.


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive