CEX update – Happy Christmas

Highland Cow by Anita Goldie

You may have seen that the Scottish Government announced their budget this week. COSLA has received the budget settlement and have issued a statement. You can read this on their website. We don’t know what the implications are for Argyll and Bute yet. We’ll issue more details in the New Year.

It’s been an incredibly busy 2023 and a fast year too! I’m sure we’re all ready for a break when it comes. I wanted to thank you all for your hard work and service as we continue to make a difference to communities across Argyll and Bute.  I know we have faced a number of challenges this year including cost of living issues, budget pressures and dealing with the impact of the extreme weather.

I’m proud to be part of a fantastic One Council, team effort. Every single one of you has an important part to play in delivering essential services to our communities. Speaking on behalf of the Exec Team, we are extremely grateful for your commitment and dedication.

I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year.


Pippa Milne
Chief Executive
Argyll and Bute Council