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CEX update – One Council, One Place

I’m sure, like me, you’re feeling the benefit of spring finally arriving along with longer lighter days.  It certainly makes life easier when you’re not walking the dogs in the dark.

Part of Connect for Success is our ‘One Council. One Place approach’ where the focus is about partnership working with other public sector agencies and our communities to get the most from Argyll and Bute’s resources. This approach, in addition to ongoing investment is key to the success of Argyll and Bute’s long term economic future.

Strategic transport links and infrastructure plays a huge role in that success. The storms last October are a reminder of how fragile our infrastructure is and the devastating impact severe weather can have on communities and businesses.  

Earlier this week, for the first time, our Executive Leadership held a joint management meeting with Transport Scotland. We outlined some of the key challenges Argyll and Bute continue to face and together agreed a number of actions across a number of issues. They include exploring opportunities for joint working on future public transport plans, the A82 and current and future demands for energy for our infrastructure. We look forward to this partnership in practice and securing positive benefits for Argyll and Bute.

Your wellbeing

We want to make sure you all have access to a wide range of resources to support your wellbeing, should you need them.

Our Wellbeing team has dedicated resources on MyCouncilWorks that offer help and support across a number of wellbeing topics. You’ll also find information about our new Employee Assistance Programme Help@Hand that offers help to you and your family online and through a handy app.

The Wellbeing Team is also looking to establish an online Wellbeing Forum and are looking for volunteers to join.

The Forum will help:

–             Identify and promote key wellbeing initiatives across the council

–             Improve wellbeing across the council

–             Develop knowledge, resources and promote within services and departments

If you have an interest in health and wellbeing at work and would like to take part, please get in touch with the team at or contact Sharon or Julie on 01546 604618 / 604467.

Enjoy your weekend.