Workers installing concrete section of new bridge

CEX update – ongoing work and next steps

We’re nearly three weeks into our recovery from the extreme weather event and every day we continue to make great progress. I know many of you are still involved and again, I would like to thank you for all your hard work. From back office support to recovery works on the ground, you are making a huge difference to our communities.

Whilst our immediate work right now is with the clean-up operation, work also continues towards securing investment for Argyll and Bute’s long term success. You may have seen the recent Scottish Government announcement about freezing council tax for next year. This obviously have an impact on our budget. Although the Scottish Government has indicated they will provide further funding to support the freeze, it’s still to be confirmed what councils’ overall funding settlement will be.

Argyll and Bute contributes significantly to the treasury as our tourism, food and drink sectors bring in millions of pounds annually for both Scottish and UK Governments. We are seeking additional support and investment to make sure we have reliable routes to market. You can read more about this on our website.

A reminder that the clocks go back on Sunday so enjoy your extra hour in bed!

Have a lovely weekend


Pippa Milne
Chief Executive