Pay award

CEX update – pay award

With Pippa taking well-earned leave, you have me this week for the Chief Executive’s update and I can share some positive news about the pay award following discussions between COSLA and the unions.

*The following applies to all SJC and Chief Officer employees who are on the council’s SLGE and Chief Officer pay grades.

Following consultation with trade unions, I can confirm that there is now a formal agreement on the first part of the pay award for 2023/24.

There are ongoing negotiations with unions for a second uplift. We will share more details when we know the outcome.

What does this mean for me?

In order to get all payments to employees before Christmas, we are implementing the pay award in two parts:

  • Your new rate will be applied to your monthly pay, which will be paid on 14 November (this covers the period from 16 October to 15 November). 
  • We are processing back dated pay for the period 1 April 2023 to 15 October 2023 and aim to pay this on or around 30 November.

View the new pay scales.

If you receive Universal Credit, you may find this information useful.

When we pay your arrears we have to recalculate the amount of tax and national insurance we deduct to take into account the total wages we pay you in November (i.e. your wage on 14 November and your arrears later in the month). The result is that the tax and national insurance deductions taken from your arrears payment is likely to be higher than you would expect compared to the deductions from your normal monthly pay due, to your monthly tax free allowances for November having been used up in your normal monthly pay calculations.

As you can appreciate this is a significant amount of work for our payroll team who are working hard to process payments. Many thanks to the team for making this happen.

Managers, please communicate this to any team members who are not on the network.

Have a lovely weekend.


Kirsty Flanagan

Executive Director