stacks of coins increasing in size on top of wooden blocks that spell out Budget

CEX Update – working together

With the focus on budget limitations that this time of year especially brings, it can be easy to lose sight of the great and often amazing work that goes on across the council.

Yesterday’s Policy and Resources Committee highlighted why councils are so crucial in the lives of their communities. Housing support, addressing climate change, supporting tourism and employment – these were just some of the key areas of the council’s work on the agenda.

The Committee also decided to invest in developing a map of mobile coverage in Argyll and Bute. Why? To gather data that could improve mobile signal across the area for residents and businesses, and that could help people check which digital operator provides the service they are looking for.

How will the map be developed? By using the council’s fleet of bin lorries, which travel all over the area, to track coverage.

This is a great idea, and reflects the Connect for Success way of working – using data and technology to deliver improvements, and working collaboratively as one council. Well done to Fergus Murray’s and Jim Smith’s teams on this initiative.

Budget planning

Nationally, CoSLA has continued to seek further negotiations with the Scottish Government about council funding. Argyll and Bute Council will set its budget on Thursday next week. You can read the Budget Pack, outlining our financial position and options for balancing the budget, on the website.

I will update you next week about decisions made and you are welcome as always to let me know of any questions you have at

Wishing you a good weekend,


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive