Kintyre Beach

Stunning backgrounds and drone technology

I felt a real sense of relief when I received my Covid vaccination. ­It feels like another step towards normality as we all do our bit to keep infection rates low.

There’s another way you can help and that is by volunteering to take Covid tests. Did you know that one in three people with the virus don’t show any symptoms? There are lots of ways you can get tested including ordering free home kits, collecting tests from a pharmacist or dropping in to a local walk-in centre. There are details about testing on our website

My update is briefer than usual as there has been no change since the last time to current restrictions. If you want a reminder of what they are, you can find them on the Scottish Government website.

Teams backdrops
As we continue to spend more time in online meetings, we want to help promote the area as a great place to live, work and invest. To showcase Argyll and Bute to our partners and external organisations, our Communications Team has created a series of backdrops to use in Teams meetings. You can find instructions on using them via the link. 

Well done to our talented staff Pete Leckie, Aileen McNicol, Craig Wilson and Aileen MacLennan, for their fantastic photos!


This week join me as I chat to Alex Brown of Skyports who designs, builds and operates drones for passenger transport and the delivery of goods.  In partnership with Argyll and Bute HSCP, Alex recently completed a trial using drones to deliver medical supplies from the council’s airport in Oban to some of our islands.  Find out more about how this fast evolving and low carbon technology could benefit our rural communitiesYou can listen to my podcasts from the council website.

Have a lovely weekend – apparently we’re in for great weather!