Council to consider council tax freeze – answers to questions you may have

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Why is the council considering freezing the council tax now?

The council has secured more funding for Argyll and Bute from the Scottish Government, so are now in a position to look at freezing the council tax while also saving the council services people need and use every day. 

Following the council’s discussions with the Scottish Government, Argyll and Bute will receive additional funding totalling around £6.26m which means that the council’s overall financial circumstances are improved. Some of this is for severe weather support, some depends on freezing council tax.

Why could the council not freeze council tax when it set its budget in February?

The council took the decision to increase council tax to save the local services and jobs that people depend on every day, and need to live well locally. 

This decision protects vital services from the debilitating cuts that would have been demanded by multi-million pound budget gaps. You can read more in our news release.

Securing much-needed additional funding means the council can consider freezing the council tax now.

When will the council decide about the council tax?

A special meeting of Council is being arranged for as soon as is practical, so that councillors can consider our new financial circumstances and decide from there.

What does this mean for council tax payments?

Councils have to take the council tax payments that are due on 1 April – this is obligatory under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 (as amended) and the Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) (Scotland) Regulations 1992 (as amended).

These payments will be based on the 10% council tax increase amount.

The special meeting of Council may have to take place after 1 April.

If that’s the case, and the council decides to freeze the council tax, this will be backdated and applied from 1 April. The extra paid on any council tax payments based on the 10% increase will be taken off the bill for the rest of the year.

If the council tax is frozen, how will I know what my council tax payments are?

We will issue new council tax bills setting out the new cost, adjusted to include the freeze, any overpayments made, as well as any exemptions or discounts.

What do residents need to do now?

Please make council tax payments as set out in your council tax bill – as mentioned, council tax is vital in helping to save the services that matter to people.

If the council freezes the council tax, we will contact you directly with information about your new bill.

Find out more information about council tax discounts and payment options

Will the council also be reviewing the decision to charge double council tax for second homes?

No. This additional funding does not relate to that decision.

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