Creditors Christmas Note

Christmas tree
It is the Creditors section intention to have a “pay all” payment run on Wednesday 20th December 2023, which should ensure that all payments are received by our suppliers prior to Christmas. This will be the final pay run for 2023. To guarantee payment in this run, departments are requested to ensure that any non-Pecos, Tranman, Concerto or Carefirst invoices are received by electronic means no later than 5pm on Thursday 14th December 2023, although we will do our utmost to ensure as many invoices received after this date are included. The Payables period for December will also be closed on Thursday 21st December 2023 and there will be no further payment runs until Wednesday 3rd January 2024. The transfer of Pecos, Tranman, Concerto & Carefirst data will be imported into Oracle Payables on a daily basis up to and including Wednesday 21st December 2023. Thereafter all feeders will be suspended until Thursday 4th January 2024. The submission dates for Travel and Subsistence Claims are on the Council Hub. Please however note the slight change to the PAY07 Mth10 below. Adherence to the dates shown, will ensure payment in the January pay cycle.  
Payroll IDDate to be received at Finance, Campbeltown  Pay Date
PAY07 (APT&C Monthly)Month 10  15.12.23 (Paper Claims and Elected Members only) (Staff submitting their claims via MyView should do so by Monday 11 December 2023 and they must be authorised by noon on 18 December 2023 to ensure payment in the January salary run)12.01.24

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