Work pressure profiling exercise

This is a useful self-assessment tool that can be used by individuals or teams to monitor wellbeing and to support wellbeing discussions.  Guidance is given on identifying and ranking work pressures and facilitating team discussions. It may also be useful within change management processes.

Reducing Stress in the Workplace Procedure

Employees and line managers are encouraged to take a proactive and preventative approach to resolve or mitigate issues of workplace stress. This should be carried out via effective support, management and fair and consistent application of these procedures.

Personal Resilience Assessment Tool

This self assessment Tool can help you consider how resilient you are as an individual. It consists of 32 questions covering 8 areas relating to personal resilience.  A scoring system gives a measure of how resilient you are and suggests areas of personal development that could help to improve your personal resilience.

Stress Risk Assessment & Action Plan

Argyll & Bute Council recognises the importance of mental wellbeing and resilience and ensuring that we create a culture and environment where that is supported.  In situations where it is established that someone is experiencing stress then it is important that a stress risk assessment and action plan is completed to assess and mitigate the […]

Reducing Stress in the Workplace Policy

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to providing a healthy, safe and supportive working environment. The Reducing Stress in the Workplace Policy provides a framework to proactively and reactively manage the issues of stress and minimise the impact of stress related issues.