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Employee Development

  • A key part of Growing Our Own is to ensure that we provide development opportunities for our current workforce to ensure we have a skilled workforce both now and in the future. Argyll and Bute Council offers a variety of opportunities for all employees to access learning which will help them throughout their career.
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  • Digital Skills
  • LEON
  • Employee Development workshops (link to follow)
  • Supplementary Qualifications (link to follow)

Employee development: Graduate Apprenticeships

A graduate apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to work towards a degree using the work you do as evidence to demonstrate your competence. There are a range of frameworks available.

There is no age limit but in order to be eligible for a graduate apprenticeship you must live and work in Scotland when you start your Graduate Apprenticeship. 

  • Even if you have already done a degree with Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funding, you still might be able to undertake a Graduate Apprenticeship – if it’s a higher level of a qualification in the same subject or the same level in a different subject. 
  • In order to undertake a graduate apprenticeship you must apply directly to SAAS for the funding. 
  • The entry requirements vary depending on the qualification however prior learning and experience will be recognised and therefore it depends on every individual situation.
  • You can find out more here about Graduate Apprenticeships.
  • A learning agreement is available for employees undertaking a graduate apprenticeship and should be completed prior to signing up for a course. The graduate apprenticeship learning agreement can be accessed here. 
  • For further information on graduate apprenticeships please contact trainingcentre@argyll-bute.gov.uk

Employee Development: Apprenticeships for all ages

Apprenticeship frameworks provided by Skills Development Scotland can be used to upskill existing employees. If there is funding available, apprenticeship frameworks can be accessed by existing employees of all ages as a means of gaining an industry recognised qualification linked to their role. Supported by an assessor, the qualification will require the learner to provide a set of evidence to meet criteria to demonstrate competence. 

  • An employee looking to complete an apprenticeship must obtain their line manager’s approval and a learning agreement must be completed before commencing the qualification. 
  • HROD are notified of some of the fully funded opportunities and these are listed below. You can see a full range of potential opportunities here. If you are interested in taking forward any opportunity you should contact the HROD team at trainingcentre@argyll-bute.gov.ukwho will be able to identify if there is funding available and advise on the next steps.