First Aid training courses

New First Aid course events have been organised and are now available to book through MyView.

Training is taking place in different areas, so please ensure you book onto a session in the correct area 

Please note you will not receive a confirmation until your place has been approved by your manager.

Services will be charged for attendance at these courses. 

The cancellation policy for this course is 14 days prior to the start date of the course. Failure to provide 14 days’ notice, or non-attendance will still result in a charge to departments. 

First Aid at Work (£281.67 per person)

Tobermory High School                    21st– 23rd August – Cancelled

Campbeltown Grammar School       21st– 23rd August

Oban High School                            22nd – 24th August – Cancelled

Lochgilphead High School               23rd _ 25th August

Hermitage Academy                        11th – 13th September

Islay High School                             13th – 15th September – Cancelled

Dunoon Grammar School                 1st – 3rd November 

First Aid at Work Requalification (£237.50 per person)

Lochgilphead High School              12th – 13th September – Cancelled

Hermitage Academy                       18th – 19th September – Cancelled

Tobermory High School                  25th – 26th September – Cancelled

Islay High School                            19th – 20th September – Cancelled

Oban High School                            4th – 5th October – Cancelled

Dunoon Grammar School               20th – 21st November – Cancelled

Emergency First Aid at Work (£175 per person)

Lochgilphead High School              14th  September – Cancelled

Hermitage Academy                       20th  September

Islay High School                            21st  September – Cancelled

Tobermory High School                  27th  September – Cancelled

Oban High School                          28th  September

Dunoon Grammar School              22nd  November 

Images shows a red medical case with a red cross on a white background