Flexible working requests – resources for managers

We recognise that flexibility is important to our employees and aim to maximise the flexible options available wherever possible. To do this we rely on individual managers like you to approach these requests with a “how can we make this work?” attitude. 

On receipt of a request from an employee, you have 28 days to arrange a meeting and ideally conclude the process. In exceptional circumstances where both parties agree to an extension you can set a date beyond the 28-day period, but most requests must be dealt with within the 28 days. 

Normally, a meeting will be convened to allow the request and any possible implications to be explored in detail. Where the request is straightforward and you feel that you can approve it without further discussion, you may confirm your acceptance to the employee in writing without arranging a meeting.

A request must not be declined however without holding a meeting with the employee to discuss it.  

For further information please refer to the Hybrid and Flexible Working Policy and Procedure

A series of letter/email templates have been provided below to support you with arranging your meeting and confirming the outcome.