Forms is a web based app which allows you to build quick data gathering forms and surveys via an intuitive build.

These forms are for internal use only, at the moment. The forms can be used for various types of data gathering from basic surveys, new employee on boarding forms, checklists, team/ company polls, etc.

The forms can even be used during a Teams meeting to capture and display responses in real time. The responses to the form can been seen onscreen, in various chart, s or exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Guidance on the use of Forms

The full guidance is available here –

Forms Guidance

The main points to note are


  • Use Forms for surveys, quizzes etc within the organisation
  • Avoid asking for personal information if possible
  • Complete the information governance check if you are considering including external parties, or asking for personal information
  • Delete data you no longer require
  • Consider responsibilities in terms of access to information legislation – FOI and data protection – any content held would need to be considered if it falls within the scope of a request. 


  • Ask for any sensitive personal (special category) data within Forms
  • Share Forms externally without seeking advice first
  • Keep data forever, make sure you delete Forms no longer required

Help Topics

Introduction to Forms

Create a new form

Send out a form

Review the results from your form

Use branching logic in your form

Add sections to your form