Free parking just the ticket at Helensburgh Waterfront

Helensburgh Leisure Centre and care park

Councillors have put the wheels in motion on a new plan to provide free parking at the Helensburgh Waterfront car park.

Proposals for parking to be free for the first two hours, delivering a major boost to local people using Helensburgh’s newly-opened leisure centre and swimming pool, have been approved.

The move will also benefit the town’s businesses, allowing local people and visitors plenty of time to enjoy shops and other attractions around the waterfront area and town centre, with parking changes only applying after the two-hour window.

Councillor Gary Mulvaney, Policy Lead for Finance and Commercial Services:

“Helensburgh’s new leisure centre is a fantastic facility and we want people to be able to make the most of their time there whether that is going for a swim, working out in the gym or enjoying the new café.

Free parking for the first two hours will allow local people and their families, as well as visitors to the town, to enjoy their visit without having to rush back to their car.

With the waterfront development being such an important part of Helensburgh’s appeal, this move will also help to boost the local economy by attracting more customers to the town’s shops and other businesses.”

In addition to 200 parking spaces, the new car park also offers visitors electric vehicle charging, a bus drop-off point, bike parking and a cycle repair station.

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