Getting the credit you deserve

Getting people credit for the efforts they go to, and the difference they make for others, is something I feel strongly about, so I’m really looking forward to opening the Argyll TSI (Third Sector Interface) Volunteer of the Year Awards 2022 tomorrow.

This council is fortunate to have so many employees who make tremendous efforts to benefit our communities through the services we deliver.

For example, Scott Reid and Jim Smith are making progress in achieving a national good practice standard for our ports and harbours that very few others in the UK have secured. Others are progressing Argyll and Bute’s interests by taking on national roles. Kirsty Flanagan for example has become Chair of the Scottish local government Directors of Finance group, Ishabel Bremner chairs SLAED (Scottish local government economic development group), Alan Morrison until recently was chair of the Society of Chief Officers of Environmental Health in Scotland, and Jayne Jones chairs the Scottish local authority facilities managements services organisation, Assist.

I know that there are so many more great efforts of different kinds happening across all services – please do keep telling me about them so I can help employees of this council get more of the credit you deserve. We have a lot to be proud about in the work we are doing together every day.

Next steps in working together

Over the past couple of weeks I have been talking about making changes to support us all to meet challenges we know will come in the years ahead. New ways of working work best for everyone if they are developed together. I want therefore to draw on the knowledge and expertise of our Heads of Service in progressing our working practices. We are meeting together next week, and from there I will put an initial report to the Council meeting on 30 June.

I will update you again next week, and would ask you to keep telling me about answers to the question I asked before  – ‘what gets in the way of you doing your job?’ – so we can take account of that in plans.


My podcast this week focuses on volunteering. A climb up Mount Kilimanjaro … a 250-km Arctic dog sled trip … I’ve been hearing all about volunteering adventures, motivation and benefits. I hope you enjoy listening.

Jubilee weekend

Many of us have a long weekend to look forward to. I hope you all enjoy the longer than usual break, and if you are working tomorrow – thank you – and I hope the sun shines for you when your days off come.

You are welcome to contact me about anything in this update on

Have a lovely weekend.


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive