Health and social care workers – Flu and COVID booster vaccine

A nurse holding a covid vaccine vial

Issued by NHS Highland

Colleagues will have seen from national messaging that the portal has now gone live allowing health and social care staff to register in order to book an appointment for their flu and COVID booster vaccine.

We will be using this portal but need time for staff to be trained and to allow us to build clinics.

Can colleagues please not register with the portal until you get a communication from us telling you to go ahead. This will help ensure that no one is missed when we do start using this platform.

Please note that this will NOT replace the peer vaccination clinics that are taking place in a number of areas across NHS Highland.

A simple guide to vaccinations for health and social care workers –


All NHS health care workers are eligible for flu vaccination. Social care workers and independent contractors (GP, dental and optometry practices, community pharmacists) who regularly deliver direct personal care / treatment are also eligible for flu vaccination. This includes housing support workers and personal assistants.


The following frontline healthcare staff and social care workers are eligible for COVID-19 booster vaccination (16+ years of age):

  • Healthcare staff and social care workers providing direct care and treatment – those who have face-to-face contact and provide physical care or treatment
  • Non-clinical healthcare staff – those who come into contact with the personal belongings, physical tissue or body fluids of patients, residents or clients. This includes domestic staff, porters, catering, laundry and receptionists or ward clerks.
  • Healthcare laboratory and pathology staff – those who frequently handle SARS-CoV-2 or potentially infected items, for example laboratory staff and those that handle items coming to the lab such as porters and lab receptionists.
  • Social care staff in long-stay care facilities – those who work in long-stay (over eight weeks) residential and nursing care homes, for example domestic staff, porters, catering, laundry and receptionists.

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