Helensburgh and Lomond by-election deadlines

Image shows a hand posted a vote in to a ballot box

If you live in the Lomond North area and want to have your say in next month’s by-election, there are just a few days left to register to vote.

The by-election, on Thursday 16 December, is being held to elect one councillor to represent the Lomond North communities on Argyll and Bute Council. Only people who live in the ward, and who are registered to vote, are able to take part.

Registering to vote is quick and easy – it only takes a few minutes if you do it online. The deadline for registering to vote in this election is Monday 29 November 2021. You can also contact the Electoral Registration Office on 0800 980 0470 – they can check whether you are already registered or can send you out a registration form if you need one.

Make sure you can use your vote and register in time – you only need to do it once a year to be able to have your say in any elections that take place.

If you can’t get to the polling station in person, there is still time to apply for a postal vote before the deadline of Wednesday 1 December. You can also apply for a proxy vote – where someone else goes to the polling station to cast your vote for you. The deadline for this is Wednesday 8 December.

You can download application forms from Voting in the Scotland by-elections | Electoral Commission or by calling 0800 980 0470 to ask for a form.

Once you have completed your form, you should send it to the local Electoral Registration Office before the deadline – email ero-abc@dab-vjb.gov.uk or post to Argyll and Bute Electoral Registration Office, Kilbrannan House, Bolgam Street, Campbeltown PA28 6JY.

For both postal and proxy votes, you can apply for just one specific election or for a longer period if you want – you will have options to do this on your application form.

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