How to create an e-learning course

The Talent Management team can support you with a range of tools to bring your knowledge and learning content closer to all council staff. 

Support is available from initial concept stage and content creation to choosing the right format for your course as well as help with the latest accessibility guidelines. Classic online courses or blended learning modules can be created to help you as Subject Matter experts bring a learning concept to life.

How to get started:

We have designed an e-learning course with all the information you need before you put your course together. Please view the course before you start.

Please download the request for e-learning form and the powerpoint template and fill them in with your course details before returning them to together with your course content and any audio files or images you would like to be included. Once received this will be turned into a report and submitted to the HROD meeting for approval. After approval we can start the building of the e-learning course.

Additional information:

Please also consider the accessibility guidance for SME and if you are involved in creating the e-learning module please consider the guidance for developers.

The team will be able to give you some ideas on how to promote your course and also provide you with data insights on the performance and uptake of your course.

For further questions please contact