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How to request a new team

Microsoft Teams provides a  workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing.

A Team site or workspace is the basic unit of team and group work, and everyone allowed into the workspace gets access to everything inside the workspace.

A new approval process has been introduced to manage the creation of new Teams, which will capture certain details to ensure the appropriate security and governance measures are in place for the workspace to be managed effectively.

Prior to requesting a new Team, users are asked to familiarise themselves with the Teams Guidance which provides a number of guidelines and outlines your responsibilities as a Team owner.

To assist you in filling out the form, FAQs are available.

Request a new Team by completing the form – 

Request a new Team

Teams – FAQs

Sections General What is the difference between using the desktop app and the browser based webapp to access Teams??   Very Little. The web app has

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Tips for Teams

Here you’ll find resources to help you work smarter and get more out of Teams A basic introduction to Teams How to use breakout rooms

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