HR contacts

If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please contact the HR service desk using the contact details below:

Policies and procedures

For queries about policies or procedures contact the HR Service Centre at:

01546 605513 Option 2

Sickness, absence and leave

For queries about sickness, absence or leave (including maternity leave, annual leave, etc.) contact us at:

01546 605513 (press 2)

Pensions and retirement

For queries about pensions:

01586 555900

For retirement queries:

01546 605513 (press 2)

Contracts, new starts and leavers

For queries about your contract, joining or leaving contact us at:

01546 605513 Option 3

Recruitment, interviews and references

For queries about recruitment, interviews and references contact us at:

01546 605513 Option 3

Payroll enquiries

For enquiries about your wages contact us at:

01586 555 999

Absence Line

If you are off sick, call the absence line to tell us, and call again when you come back to work:

01546 605513 Option 1

My View

For help with logging in, and queries about your employee details and payslips:


Health and Wellbeing

For queries about health and wellbeing contact the Wellbeing Team at: