HSCP Recruitment

We are currently recruiting a Senior Support Worker in Campbeltown, and for  casual/bank workers to join our dedicated Learning Disability teams across all of our registered locations:

  • Greenwood/Woodlands in Campbeltown
  • ASIST in Dunoon
  • PHOENIX in Bute
  • Lochside in Lochgilphead
  • Lorne in Oban

We will routinely recruit every 3-4 months through online and face to face recruitment to ensure that we have adequate team cover

You should be a team player, empathetic, passionate about support and have transferrable skills

Experience would be great, but a firm value base to support our people to reach their potential is more important.

We are support workers, not carers. We “do with” and not “do for”

Casual/Bank workers are a vital part of our team and are developed the same way. You would receive full induction and support in this vital role. 

Lessons learned as a result of the pandemic have highlighted diverse approaches which have been developed. Less emphasis on building based, group and college support. More diverse outreach/distance/social support using technology. Short pieces of support work with some “revolving door” supports for diverse individuals. More emphasis on support enveloping the individual. Support structures based on individual requirements rather than people we support being placed in “labels” and “boxes”

Rhiannon is a support worker at the Phoenix on Bute.

Watch our video to find out more about working with us in the Learning Disability Team

Read Rhiannon’s testimonial where she tells us about working for the Learning Disability Team, and how rewarding she finds it

Why apply to be part of Learning Disability Support?

  • Come and join the HSCP Learning Disability Team to support others to achieve their goals and dreams, make choices and be a valued member of the community. 
  • Enabling people to grow in relationships and  learn new skills, and whilst doing so achieve your own. 
    That’s what it is to be part of HSCP, it’s not just a career,  it’s  a life changing experience 
  • Local authority/HSCP registered provider’s where people come first 
  • A team of trained professionals in health and social care 
  • A structure which fully encompasses our teams and people we support aspirations 
  • Campaigning provider’s working with other professionals/agencies to ensure that support standards are the highest achievable for all 
  • Professionally trained 
  • Focussed on staff development 
  • Campaigning 
  • Principled 
  • And always the person at the centre 
  • Continuing to build capacity to participate for all 
  • Providing local support and developing best practice for all 
  • Developing new supports approaches 
  • To ensure that can do this, we will continue to improve our own organisation