Involving service users

There is an assumption in service design that users will be involved throughout your design journey.

You will not merely be extracting information from your users. As far as is practical and proportionate for your service design journey, you should engage with your users. Users are the experts in their experiences of the service you offer and you should include them in your service design journey to help you understand and identify both your problem and the solutions you wish to put in place.

Diagram showing users should be involved during the whole service design process.

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Culture change 

Adopting a service design-led approach to our improvement activities requires culture change in how we do things.

To begin with, you may find this way of thinking unfamiliar, even challenging, especially if you are used to having control over what you do.

Part of the ethos that underpins service design is:

  • Engagement will take place with multiple stakeholders.
  • Multiple perspectives will be captured in the course of the service design journey.

Therefore, most of the tools in this toolkit are meant to be used in a collaborative environment.

Participants in the service design process work together to identify problems and solutions. As such, many tools require group working and consensus to be agreed. Most of the tools can be used either face-to-face or online.