January teacher strikes – letter to parents

We are writing to confirm the position regarding school openings on the 10th and 11th of January when teaching unions are planning strike action.

10th January 2023

All primary schools will be closed to pupils.

We would advise that the following all through schools will also be completely closed on that day to pupils of all stages:

Tarbert 2-18 School

Tobermory 2-18 School

Parklands Special School

11th January 2023

All secondary schools will be closed with the exception of Tarbert and Tobermory.

Secondary pupils from Parklands Special School, and Tarbert should attend their school on the 11th and remain at home on the 10th as outlined above.

Tobermory – the arrangements for your children are as follows: All primary pupils will attend school as normal on the 11th.

All secondary pupils should remain at home unless you are sitting a prelim that day. If you are sitting a prelim, please attend school on the 11th as normal. Early Years provision will be run as normal on both days.

Should there be any change to what has been outlined above over the festive period we will, of course, be in touch to update you. 

Update written in chalk on a blackboard