Jayne Jones, Commercial Manager, Customer Services

1.How does your role with the council help people across Argyll and Bute?

My team and I help support people across Argyll and Bute in a few different ways – our catering teams work hard to make sure that our children and young people have hot, locally produced, sustainable, healthy and nutritious school meals every day to help them to learn, to help improve their health and diets, and to help tackle the consequences of poverty.

Our cleaning teams across schools and buildings are working hard to keep buildings clean and safe, especially in the midst of the pandemic, enabling them to stay open. We also generate income for the council by delivering events, predominantly in the Helensburgh area, to provide good quality food and drink and entertainment experiences when it’s safe to do so, and we are also responsible for ensuring that free period products are available to people in communities all over Argyll and Bute.

2. Describe your view just now?

Well, I’m having a long awaited day in the office, so right now my view is of Kilmory Gardens: the hydrangeas are blooming and there are some swallows darting overhead. There are definitely worse views!

3. How long have you worked for the council?

I’ve worked for the council for 14 years, I moved from working in the voluntary sector into the public sector, so it was quite a change. My first office base was in Manse Brae, but I’ve been in Kilmory for over 10 years now.

4. Best thing about working with your team?

Their commitment, their resilience and their ability to get on and deliver services in what can be incredibly challenging circumstances, every single day.

5. How do you relax?

You’ll often find me out running on a forest trail, which is what I love to do. When I’m not running, I’m learning to play the clarsach, or I’m reading – I read quite a lot, usually 15 – 20 books per month.

6. Favourite place to visit in Argyll and Bute

I’m very fortunate to live in my favourite part of Argyll and Bute – Tarbert. We have it all – the East Loch, the West Loch, hills for walking and running, beaches for cooling off, great places to eat and relax as well as a number of festivals that highlight our community spirit. I consider myself very lucky to live here!

Jayne Jones