Keeping residents in the loop about flood protection scheme

Argyll and Bute Council has set up a dedicated web page to keep residents informed about the Campbeltown Flood Protection Scheme (FPS), as the project moves forward.

Campbeltown has suffered significant flooding at various times in recent decades due to a variety of factors, but now the council is carrying out a £15.215 million scheme that will see a range of improvement works to minimise this risk.

Residents can visit to read the latest developments on the project, and register for regular email updates.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Roads and Transport, Councillor Andrew Kain, said: “The Campbeltown Flood Protection Scheme is a massive project that will involve new pipelines installed across the town to separate surface water drainage from domestic sewers.

“A new ‘storage dam’ will also be created near Snipefield to slow the flow of water during a storm, as well as an underground controlled storage area in Burnside Square. A number of roads will also benefit from flood protection and road surface reconstruction as a result.

“We are aware the scheme will cause disruption and we apologise in advance, but these works are vital to ensure peoples’ properties and businesses aren’t flooded in the way they have been in the past as a result of an out of date, undersized sewer system which is regularly overwhelmed.

“I would encourage everyone to visit the new web page and sign up for the monthly alerts so they can follow the progress themselves. This project is a huge investment and the community will reap the benefits for many years to come.”

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