Lady of Lismore arrives home

The Lady of Lismore arriving at Port Appin

Lismore residents today welcomed the arrival of a new passenger ferry. The Lady of Lismore arrived at Port Appin after a journey of 302 nautical miles from Pembrokeshire.

Argyll and Bute Council awarded the £500,000 contract, funded by Transport Scotland to Mainstay Marine Solutions.

The ferry provides an essential service to and from Lismore for island residents, businesses and visitors. Passengers will start to use the Lady of Lismore at the end of April once a handover period is complete.

Jim Smith, Head of Roads and Infrastructure Services, Argyll and Bute Council:

“It’s fantastic to see the Lady of Lismore safely home. We know there has been a lot of excitement waiting for her arrival and we look forward to passengers enjoying excellent service from the ferry for many years to come. We’re proud that we have delivered this vital lifeline to the island and wish the Lady of Lismore well and all who sail on her.”

Islanders and primary school pupils chose the name Lady of Lismore following a poll organised by the Community Council.

A community event will take place to celebrate the arrival of the new ferry. This will take place after the Scottish Government Local Elections.

The new all-steel vessel, designed by Keel Marine is 39ft accommodates 23 passengers all year round and will have a crew of two.

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