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Progress to date

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We’re making significant progress as we continue to prepare offices for the mix of home/office working you have told us you want.

There is a lot of hard work taking place to prepare office buildings. In this latest update, we share some before and after pictures of the work taking place in hub offices. We’ll provide information on whether you need to still work from home and you’ll find details on how to book flex desks. 

Do I still need to work from home?

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We know that many of you still prefer to work from home, which is great if that still works for you. Hybrid working is all about having options that work for everyone. 

Please continue to work from home if that suits  you best. You can also arrange to come into a  hub office if you would prefer to work from an office. 

You can use the flex desks or meeting rooms or your old desk, if available. 

All the information you need about bookable spaces is available on the Hub.

If you do come into the office, you’ll find access information including How to sign in and out of buildings

If you are coming back to the office for the first time in a while and have forgotten things like your printer pass code, you can contact the IT helpdesk and they will be able to help you.

Face to face meetings

office layout

As part of our new hybrid working approach, we want to encourage managers to think about introducing face-to-face meetings in hub buildings.  

Following a recent visit by the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to Argyll House, there was positive feedback about using the new collaboration space for team days, area committees or hybrid meetings. This is quite a big room that can take up to 30 people. There are also a number of large, medium and small meeting rooms available for break out spaces throughout the day.

If you can, try to get together with your team and colleagues. After working from home for so long, it’s great to see colleagues in person.

Flex desks and shared spaces

Office with two desks on opposite walls

All our hub buildings now have flex desks. These are shared spaces for you to use if you need to be in an office for a short amount of time. 

If you want to use a flex desk, or shared space, please make sure you book via the online booking system  By booking your space, we can make sure the desk/room is available for you. We can also  monitor and report on requirements for that space.

If you are using shared spaces, can we ask you not  to remove any equipment. Other people will use that space so it is important that equipment remains in place. 

We have seen a number of IT items including cables removed from bookable spaces. We would really appreciate the return of these items to allow other people to use them.

Argyll House

Office with desk with eight chairs and a tv on the wall
office with two desks in the corner
Table with four chairs

Work to Argyll House, in Dunoon is now complete with all teams relocated into their new offices.   These include teams previously located in Milton House, Hill St, Dolphin Hall and those who were previously in Argyll House

Refurbishment has taken place across all three floors. We now have 13 rooms available to book for interviews/meetings and collaborative working. In addition, there are five flex desks available to book.

Please make sure you book rooms and desks via the online booking system.

We have received positive feedback from teams that have relocated in both Willowview in Oban and Argyll House in Dunoon, and look forward to continuing this as we move onto other towns.

Clean away, every day

Leave your desk as you find it

As we continue to offer flexible working, a reminder that if you are working from an office, please make sure you clean away, every day. As we adopt the hybrid approach to working, several people may use flex desks over the course of a week. 

Please clear away any personal items and leave the desk clean and tidy. It’s also really important that shared spaces including kitchens and print rooms are kept as tidy as possible. We have limited cleaning resources available so it’s important that we all do our bit. 

We have noticed quite a few standard (not flex) desks and rooms that have not been cleared. It may have been a while since you were at your desk. If you think you have personal items and files, we would really appreciate your help. Please arrange to come into the office and have an early spring clean! 

Help to shred

Shredded paper

We know many teams have been clearing out office files and digitising as much as possible. Thanks to everyone for your efforts so far. We would like to encourage more teams to take the opportunity for a clear out.

Please be mindful of what and how you are disposing of items. You’ll find guidance on information/data management on the Hub.

If you have any questions or need help with anything, contact and we will support you where we can. 

Confidential waste sacks

Confidential stamp

If you are clearing offices and require confidential waste sacks, you can order them by emailing your area office:

Bute and Cowal
Mid Argyll, Kintyre & Islay
Helensburgh & Lomond
Oban, Lorn & Isles

The minimum order is 8 sacks and the price in 2022/23 is £15.95 ex vat. per sack

The purchase cost includes uplift and disposal of filled sacks. You can request uplifts by emailing your area office once sacks are ready for collection and disposal.

Next steps

Redecoration works in Jamieson St Offices in Bowmore are complete. Teams from Kilarrow House are preparing to move to their new offices imminently. 

We are about to go to tender for a contractor to undertake the works at Union Street and a new office at Victoria Street in Rothesay. We hope work will start in the next few months. Once we have a detailed programme, we will be in touch with colleagues affected by these works, to give an update on timescales and alternative working arrangements during this period.   

Lots of progress, and lots still to come and we will update again soon but in the meantime if you have any questions about anything related to the project, please get in touch by emailing

Ross McLaughlin, Head of Commercial Services

Jane Fowler                                                                                                                                                           Ross McLaughlin
Head of Customer Support Services                                                                                                                    Head of Commercial Services