Making data work for you – data maturity survey

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This survey has been put together by the Scottish Government, to gather views from all councils and other public sector agencies. 

Thanks very much for taking time to answer it: it means the demands of your role will be included in support actions resulting from the survey.

IMPORTANT: answering the questions
When completing the survey, due to nationally standardised wording, you will be asked to answer questions based on your perception of the overall organisation.  However we would ask that instead you answer based on your personal experience within the team or unit in which you work.  i.e. don’t try to imagine what the situation is across the whole council, instead focus on your own day-to-day experience with data.

If words are underlined in the questions it means that a definition is available if you’d like it, just hover your mouse over the link.

Please answer as many questions as possible, to help develop support that matches what you need.

Start the survey here

If you are not able to access the survey you are welcome to contact

Additional information

What do we mean by data?

When we say ‘data’ we have a broad definition. We include all the types of information our organisation collects, stores, analyses, and uses. It can be recorded in many formats: numbers, text, images, video, maps, etc. For example, it might include:

  • information about the people you serve (i.e. citizens, clients, service users, customers);
  • which council services they receive/or activities they engage with;
  • how you engage with the people you serve and other stakeholders;
  • financial information (costs, income, etc.);
  • details of staff, volunteers, and contractors;
  • outcomes/impact measures;
  • information about population needs/the environment held internally or by external bodies (e.g. health services, government, academics, etc.);
  • performance indicators.

And the list goes on….

What happens to the information I give?

Responses will be combined anonymously by Data Orchard, the company running the survey for the Scottish Government, to provide an overall response from Argyll and Bute Council.

This will enable the council to identify priorities for improvement, see how we’re doing compared with other organisations; and provide a baseline for the council’s data maturity from which we can measure progress.

You can read the privacy statement for how the data collected in the survey will be used here.

About data maturity

Data maturity is an organisation’s journey towards improvement and increased capability in using data. The assessment covers seven key themes: Uses, Data, Analysis, Leadership, Culture, Tools, and Skills.

Thank you again. Your responses are appreciated.

Jane Fowler

Head of Customer Support Services

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