Laptop open with the Microsoft Teams logo on display

Making it easier with the help of technology

Making it easier for you to get your job done is what the change programme I am developing, with your in-put, is all about. And using technology is one of the options we are looking at to do that.

As an example, did you know that Microsoft Teams provides a transcription option for meetings? This could mean that you no longer have to take notes in meetings. Instead you could download an on the spot transcript of the meeting.

There may be other uses for this function. I am looking into for example whether I could use it to produce transcripts of my podcasts for anyone who would prefer that. Thank you to Ailie for that suggestion.

You can find out more about this transcription option in the most recent Cascade. You can also find tips for other ways for using Teams on the staff website.

Nice to know you

The work we all do is only one part of course of making an organisation a good, rewarding place to work. Enjoying working with our colleagues is another very important part of our day-to-day work experience.

Working from home, being busy – there are various things that can get in the way of us knowing each other perhaps as much as we’d like. I am especially aware that for new people joining the council it’s not always easy getting to know the people they work with.

To help with that, we have started a short, ‘just for fun’ section in Cascade. The Communications Team will be inviting people in all services to get involved, and the Team’s gone first, to give an idea of what we’re trying to do –read Cascade to find out how Team members are connected to Mick Jagger, fan mail from South America, and a ‘Bond moment’!

And please do consider getting involved – I know we have a lot of great people in this organisation.

Wishing you a good weekend,


Pippa Milne

Chief Executive