conversation at table

Making the most from conversations

We all like a chat I’m sure. Emails and other digital routes for communicating absolutely have their role in today’s workplace, but as human beings, speaking with each other can have great benefits.

At work we have conversations with a wide range of people from customers, suppliers and partners to managers and colleagues.

Part of my change programme includes looking at our culture, and developing skills that will help us get our work done. Making the most of the conversations we have comes into this. Are we getting the best from those conversations, how well are we listening, are we asking the right questions?

What we take from conversations and how we communicate with different people can help us progress positively, in whatever we are doing.

Please look out for details next week about support with constructive conversations and consider how this could be of use to you.

Following the setting of the council budget yesterday, I would like to reiterate my thanks and councillors, for all your hard work in delivering essential services. As a reminder, you can find out more about the decisions made on our website

This week’s podcast

As the council is involved in so many different aspects of life in Argyll and Bute, I get the chance to speak with people across the area. As we approach International Women’s Day, I have the pleasure this week of speaking with mother-and-daughter team, Helen and Morgan Dick from The Blairmore Café, a small family-run business on the shores of Loch Long near Dunoon.

Have a good weekend.