Mandatory Training

We all need to make sure we comply with current policies and legislation in order to deliver services efficiently.  This means keeping up to date with training when required.

To keep us all up to date with current legislation, some of this training is mandatory and we all need to complete it.

Mandatory training courses include:

Freedom of information
Data Protection plus annual refresher
Complaints Handling
Fire Safety Awareness
Equality and Diversity
Positive Customer Service
Stay Safe Online
Fraud Awareness

How do I complete my training?

To make it easier and to stay on top of your training, we have changed the process on LEON for mandatory training. This also enables managers to manage all completed training for their teams.

LEON will let you know when your training is due by sending you an email with a link to the relevant course. You will receive your email two months before your training is due to expire.

LEON will also send you reminders until you have completed the training. Your manager will also receive some of these reminders.

This is the first time we have had a process in place for actively managing mandatory training so there is likely to be a number of people required to complete the courses. You will soon receive emails from Thursday 13th July asking you complete your training if required. You may have a few courses to complete in those initial emails.

Once everyone has caught up with what is required, the system will then only send you emails at the relevant time you need to complete refresher training.

You can find out more about the process by viewing our FAQ’s.


What are the mandatory training courses?

All employees with access to the council network are required to complete the following courses:

Freedom of information
Data Protection plus annual refresher
Complaints Handling
Fire Safety Awareness
Equality and Diversity
Positive Customer Service
Staying Safe Online
Fraud Awareness

How often do I need to complete the training?

Course NameFrequency
Freedom of informationEvery 5 years
Data ProtectionEvery 5 years
Data protection annual refresherEvery year
ComplaintsEvery 2 years
Fire Safety AwarenessEvery 5 years
Equality and DiversityEvery 3 years
Positive Customer ServiceEvery 2 years
Staying Safe OnlineEvery year
Fraud AwarenessEvery 5 years

How do I find the mandatory training courses?

You can find all of the mandatory training courses within the mandatory training box on the LEON home page once you have logged in. The reminder emails you receive from the system will also contain a link to the course you are required to do.

How much notice will I get before my training expires?

LEON will email you 2 months prior to your training expiring

Will I get a reminder before the deadline?

Yes, LEON will send you a further reminder email with 1 month to go and then when there are 3 days to go to prompt you to complete the course. At the 3-day mark, your manager is also  copied into the email..

What happens if I fail to complete the course within the required timescale?

You will receive a final email notifying you that your training has expired. Your manager will also receive an email to notify them that your training has expired.

What happens if I fail the annual data protection refresher course?

If you fail your annual refresher course, or do not complete it within the require timeframe you will need to go back and do the original course.

How can I view my mandatory training?

If you go onto your dashboard on LEON, you will be able to see if you have any training outstanding. Anything overdue will show on your current learning and on your alerts. You will also get an email alert for any training which is due.

Can I view my employee’s mandatory training?

Yes, you can view employees mandatory training by going into the reports tab and selecting My Team mandatory training completion. This will show you which team members are overdue.