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Mandatory Training

As part of the new LEON system there is now functionality to monitor and report the completion of mandatory training. When you log on to the new system any outstanding mandatory training will be highlighted on your dashboard. As this is a process we have not previously actively managed you may find you have a number of mandatory training courses required to be completed. From April 2022 we will be reporting mandatory training completion on a quarterly basis therefore please ensure that you undertake any outstanding training prior to the 31st March 2022. Managers will also be able to run a report to see the status of their team’s mandatory training.

Going forward this will be an automatic process and when your mandatory training is due for renewal you will receive an email 2 months in advance of when you are required to complete it by. Further reminders will be issued if you have not completed ahead of the due date.

The system will automatically inform you of when your training is due. For information this is the renewal timeframes of the mandatory training required for all employees:

  1. Freedom of information – renewed every 5 years
  2. Positive customer care – renewed every 3 years
  3. Data Protection – Completed once
  4. Annual GDPR refresher – completed annually
  5. Fire safety awareness – renewed annually
  6. Equality and diversity – renewed every 5 years
  7. Complaints handling procedure – renewed every 5 years

Any mandatory training completed within the old system will be carried over onto your new LEON account as long as it within the require timeframe. If you have completed mandatory training on the MyCouncilWorks site this completion will also be uploaded on to the new system.