Microsoft 365 and digital skills survey



As part of Connect for Success, we are looking at ways to make every day work easier and enable you to take control of your own workload making use of the technology available to use.  

Last year, we asked you to take part in a digital skills survey to address any gaps to make sure you have access to training and online information to help you with your job.  Thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

Action taken

Based on your feedback, here are some actions we have taken.  

The majority of people who responded to the survey asked for more Microsoft 365 training.

  • Learning modules are now available on LEON. They include:
  • An introduction to Microsoft 365
  • An introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • How to manage notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • AB365 training programme delivered over four weeks via Microsoft Teams. The course offers practical skills on how to make every day working life easier by reducing emails, minimising distractions and managing your workload.
  • Digital champions support network. Champions are volunteers from each service who are available if you are unable to find the information you are looking for from our online resources. Find out who your Champions are. 
  • AB365 online training currently under development and will launch later this year

Requests for more training on other applications including Excel and PowerPoint

  • Coming soon – Excel and PowerPoint online training

Next steps

We realise that your digital skills requirements may change over time. To make sure you continue to have the skills you need, we intend to run regular short surveys. This helps us to keep on top of any gaps you have and help provide ongoing skills training. We would really appreciate you taking a couple of minutes to complete the first survey by 23rd February.

Many thanks,

Jane Fowler
Head of Customer Support Services