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Our eLearning system LEON is going to be upgraded to make it easier to use. With so many more people working from home, and increased

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Our eLearning system is currently being updated and unavailable to use from Friday 30th July. You can find all the mandatory and induction courses in the update at the top of this page.

Argyll and Bute Council is committed to supporting employees to acquire the skills, knowledge and expertise that they need to provide our services to residents.  We regard investment in our employees’ learning as crucial and fundamental to this and we commit a significant amount of time to employees’ learning and development.  Training is delivered in a variety of ways – formal qualifications, on the job learning, and online learning through our extensive range of LEON courses which are flexible and can be accessed at a time that suits employees, whether at work or at home.  We have a significant number of courses delivered online that have been developed by subject matter experts within the Council, tailored for the needs and situations of employees working in our geographically dispersed area. 

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